View the album The Garden in July

The Garden in July

Walk through our garden and experience the sensations, visuals and scents. Maybe you'll see a Sphinx Moth or a Hummingbird...

View the album David Keaton - Artist

David Keaton - Artist

A brief show of some of David's works in oils.

View the album Raymonda Crowe - Quilter

Raymonda Crowe - Quilter

A brief show of some of Raymonda's quilted wall hangings in her Pomegranate series.

View the album Library Trustees

Library Trustees

Photos of Library Trustees

View the album Celtic Harps with Candace Coates

Celtic Harps with Candace Coates

In addition to her performance on the Celtic Harp, Ms. Coates presented a history of the instrument reviewing the evolution of the harp from its ancestral bow form to the stately, elegant pedal harps used in concert halls today. She also talked about the use of the harp as part of the Celtic bard tradition with discussion on the Bardic Order of harpers and she played Celtic, Renaissance, and original compositions.

View the album Magnetic Type Board

Magnetic Type Board

We love the sentences our patrons make while they're in the library.

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