Circulation Policy

The East Fishkill Public Library District provides materials of various formats to the community. For those with a valid Mid-Hudson Library System (MHLS) library card, materials may be removed from the library after check-out, free of charge, for certain specified periods of time. Such loan rules are determined by the Director of the Library as the designee of the East Fishkill Public Library District Board of Trustees working in concert with the MHLS and Directors Association when appropriate.

Those items that are returned past the established due date may be subject to overdue fees. The Library expects that, while in the custody of the patron, library materials will be safeguarded against damage. Library materials that are returned with damage may be subject to replacement and handling fees. Library materials returned missing components may be subject to replacement and handling fees.

If a patron account has fines, fees, replacement costs and/or manual fees in excess of a certain dollar amount, the Library reserves the right to use the services of an outside agency to collect the monies owed and/or the materials. In that event, the Library may include an additional fee to the patron account for the cost of hiring the outside agency.

If there are fines or any other charges in excess of a certain dollar amount, the Library reserves the right to suspend the use of the patron’s library card until such fees are satisfied. This may include use of in-house computers and proprietary data bases that are normally available free of charge with a valid MHLS library card. Such suspension will be enforceable by all member libraries of the MHLS.

When a patron checks out materials from the Library, the Library will inform the patron of the date by which the materials should be returned before overdue fines are applied. This information is also available to the patron by logging into his account online. It is the Library’s practice to notify the patron once regarding overdue materials. If the materials are still not returned, a bill will be mailed to the patron’s home. In the event that the Library fails to notify the patron of delinquent materials, the patron is still required to pay all associated fees and fines.

A copy of the Library Circulation Procedures, which includes fine and fee structures, is included in the New Patron Packet which is given to each patron upon receiving a library card. This information is also posted in the Library and is available on the Library’s web page. It is also disseminated to borrowers of East Fishkill Community Library materials who request items using the Inter Library Loan system within MHLS.

Adopted by the East Fishkill Public Library District BOT 1/26/09

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