Volunteer Policy

It is the policy of the East Fishkill Community Library to encourage
community-minded people to serve as volunteers.

Library volunteers:

1. Supplement the efforts of the paid library staff.
2. Serve to encourage citizens to become familiar with their library staff or support fundraising efforts.
3. Have the opportunity to feel personal satisfaction while performing a valuable service for the community.

A volunteer shall be considered as any individual who assists the staff without remuneration.

Volunteers are recognized by the public as representatives of the library and shall be guided by the same work and behavior codes as employees.

There are 3 categories of volunteers at the East Fishkill Public Library District:

1. Youth (between 14 and 18 years of age) and adults.
2. School related: participation in government students and National Honor Society candidates.
3. Court ordered for non-violent offenders only.

Volunteers who apply to work in the Library are required to fill out a Volunteer Information Sheet which will be kept on file. Candidates will be accepted only after a successful interview with the Coordinator of Volunteers.

Volunteers work under the direction of the Coordinator of Volunteers (COV) in conjunction with the Director. The Director and the COV are authorized to create and amend procedures to support this policy.

Volunteers must have a library card and be in good standing with the Mid-Hudson Library System.

The library staff and its volunteers work together for mutual satisfaction and for the benefit of the library and the community.

Volunteers are expected to comply with all policies of the library.

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