Gallery Wall 2017

The Gallery Wall features a monthly rotating display of local artists. Receptions are generally held the first Friday of the month at 6 pm.  Additional works may be displayed on the reception evening some of which are for sale.


Month Artist Medium Reception
Jan Fred Fodera Acrylics & Oils No Reception
Feb Dorothy Huffman African American Quilts 2/3
Mar Michelle Williams Metallic & Acrylics on Canvas & Wood No Reception
Apr Monica Maher Acrylics 4/7
May Kim Rhodes Acrylics and Works on Paper 5/6
Jun Colean Butler Hmong Quilts No Reception
Jul Steve Goverman Local Area Maps No Reception
Sep Vincent Rubeo Watercolors No Reception
Oct Hopewell Depot Photography 10/7
Nov Carol Mastropietro Lisa Spotto Maria Ong Marie Howard Watercolor & Acrylics
Dec Terry Hardy Photography 12/1