Gallery Wall

The Gallery Wall features a monthly rotating display of local artists. Receptions are generally held the first Friday of the month at 6 pm.  Additional works may be displayed on the reception evening some of which are for sale.

Month Artist Medium Reception
Jan Fred Fodera Acrylics & Oils No Reception
Feb Dorothy Huffman African American Quilts 2/3
Mar Michelle Williams Metallic & Acrylics on Canvas & Wood No Reception
Apr Monica Maher Acrylics 4/7
May Mary Nicolari Drawings::Pen Ink Pencil & Pastel No Reception
Jun Colean Butler Hmong Quilts No Reception
Jul Steve Goverman Local Area Maps No Reception
Aug Florence Schneider Photography No Reception
Sep Vincent Rubeo Watercolors No Reception
Oct Hopewell Depot Photography 10/7
Nov Carol Mastropietro; Lisa Spotto; Maria Ong;                                                Honorah Hinkle; Marina Shmareva; Marie Howard Watercolor & Acrylics 11/10
Dec Terry Hardy Photography 12/1