The system-wide catalog has some features that can help you when you’re searching for …well, almost anything.

Combined Book & Article Search

For starters, the opening screen is very spare.  Just type your search in the search box.  You’ll see three tabs.  One reads Catalog, one Catalog Plus Articles and one  Articles.  If you’re only interested in what’s on the shelves such as books, magazines, DVDs etc., choose the Catalog tab.  However, if you’re also interested in articles from the databases, choose the Catalog Plus Articles tab.  And use the Articles tab is you’re only interested in articles, not books.  In order to access the articles, you’ll need a library card and a PIN.  Not every database will show in the Catalog Plus Articles tab (Sorry!  There are some things that are really beyond our control.)  Not included:  Mango, Chilton, Credo, HeritageQuest, Hoopla & Zinio.)

Download Ebooks Directly

With the new Catolog+, when you search for a title, eBooks supplied by OverDrive will show in your results list and you can download straight from the catalog.  No need to sign into Overdrive first although you do need to have an account already established in Overdrive.   Don’t forget to check your settings in your Overdrive account to make sure that your default lending period is what you want – you can choose 7 or 14 days.  You can also download OverDrive eAudioBooks directly as well.

Refine Your Results

When you do a search you can refine it by using the filters on the left side of the screen.   Limit by library, what’s on the shelf, format and more.

Stuff to Know

  • You’ll get better results if you log in to your account first.  And by better, we’re talking about arrangement of results.  For example, if you search for a book and limit the results to East Fishkill, the East Fishkill copy will float to the top if you’ve signed in first (assuming that you’re an East Fishkill patron).  If you’re not signed in, the East Fishkill copy will be buried somewhere in the results.  Don’t be put off by that and keep scrolling down.
  • Once you start using Catalog+, you won’t be able to set up a preferred search, although any that you already have will carry over.
  • You can delete your existing preferred searches using the Catalog+.

Questions?  Drop us a line or give a call at 221-9943.