Ready, Steady, Strong! Building a reader just got easier!

We have an impressive collection of fiction for children, and the choices can seem endless. While options are always a good thing, sometimes too many can be overwhelming! And when your child is looking for their “just right” book, shelf upon shelf of selection may be downright off-putting. So, we have re-organized our fiction collection into three easy-to-navigate groups!

Bebeginning readerginning Readers: Letter identification, sight words, simple sentences.

Phonics-based readers perfect for the Kindergarten through First Grade set.


Easy Readers: More coeasy readingmplex sentence structure and vocabulary, paragraphs and even chapters are introduced in this level.

Second and Third graders ready to jump into independent reading can call this collection theirs!
jJ Fiction: Full-on chapters for sustained independent reading, with vocabulary and deeper plots.

Juvenile fiction titles are geared to those in grades 4 – 6.


How did we decided what goes where? Ms. Cathy used tried-and-true leveling methods including Lexile and Guided Reading Levels to determine where a title would be best placed. Our fiction collection is STILL impressive, but now its also simpler to navigate!