Snow vs. Storytime

Sometimes Mother Nature likes to get involved in our Children’s programming, and we have to cancel events or classes. When we do have to cave to the ice and snow,¬†our Facebook page and online calendars¬†are updated, usually by 7am. If the program required sign-ups, we’ll also send an email to each registrant.

Our procedure for weather cancellations is guided by the local school district decisions and Town and County highway department advisories:

Schools close for the whole day = ALL children’s events, day or night, are cancelled.

Schools delay opening = morning events are cancelled.

Schools cancel after-school activities, or have an early dismissal = afternoon and evening events are cancelled.

And, if the library closes, or have any altered hours, facebook and the calendar are altered. Additionally, we’ll have noticfication on, WHUD, and our phone answering system.