When is a problem not a problem?

“There is a problem with your record. Please see a librarian.” Walibrary cardit- what?              You have no fines- you just wanted to reserve that new mystery!                   Problem? What problem?!

Well, there isn’t actually a problem… it’s just that your library card – or rather the time-frame for the information linked to it- has expired.

Library cards “expire” every three years, at which time we’ll ask you to stop on by so we can verify your address, phone number, and email. We do this to ensure our patron database stays current, and we have the correct way to reach you.

Current information is also key to accessing some of our more popular programs and services (HeritageQuest® and Indieflix, for example.) Since we are largely supported by tax dollars, residents are given priorty for various high-demand events, including story times. So providing us with updated information aids access and communication.

Your card and its unique number do not need to be changed. And anyone on our staff can update your card any time we are open- and it only takes a few minutes. Once we update the information, you’re good for another three years!