Big news! 🙂

HOOPLA provides instantaneous use of eBooks, movies, TV shows, eAudiobooks, music, comics and graphic novels.  You can use it on your computer, phone or tablet – and some of the content can be downloaded so that you don’t need to be connected use it which is great for commuting by car or train, waiting for spouse at the store and standing in line at the DMV.

It’s pretty easy – you sign in using your library card at www.hoopladigital.com/home ; set up your account and you’re off and running!!  Want to watch/read/listen on your phone or tablet?  Download the app.  Done and done.

The Small Print 🙁hoopla

We are limiting patrons to six items per month.  Why?  Because the thing that makes Hoopla great, simultaneous unlimited access, also makes it very hard to budget.  Rather than paying once, such as when buying a book or a DVD or an eBook through OverDrive, we pay each time a Hoopla title is downloaded.   So until we get a baseline of use, we’re holding the line at six per month.  We’ll keep watching and if we can raise the limit, you know that we will.

Hoopla is only available to East Fishkill patrons.  If you can’t get it to work  and you’re an EF patron, please let us know and we’ll check it out toot sweet (or tout de suite if you’re literal…) and let you know what’s up.